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∎ Production items


Electrolytic nickel plating



Electroless nickel plating

Nickel boron plating

copper plating

(bronze copper)

silver plating


gold plating

(hard gold/soft gold)

tin plating




​Applications and application fields

- Interior parts of precision optical equipment, computer equipment, etc.

- General miscellaneous goods

- Precision optical equipment, electronic equipment, semiconductor equipment

- Computer equipment/measuring equipment

- Electronic equipment, communication equipment, computer equipment

- For base plating of various types of plating

- Electronic equipment, computer equipment

- Semiconductor equipment/communication equipment

- Electronic equipment/computer equipment

- Semiconductor equipment/communication equipment

- Electronic equipment, computer equipment, mechanical parts

- Semiconductor equipment/communication equipment

- Precision optical equipment, communication equipment, semiconductor equipment

- Contact parts for communication equipment and charging parts for mobile phones

quality features


Wear resistance/corrosion resistance/uniformity

Wear resistance/corrosion resistance/uniformity

Solderability/Electrical conductivity

Adding adhesion, preservative, and soakingcharcoal prevention

Electrical conductivity/aesthetics

Electrical conductivity/corrosion resistance

Wear resistance/aesthetics

Solderability/Electrical conductivity

Low resistance characteristics/corrosion resistance

Electrical conductivity/silver plating discoloration prevention

Corrosion resistance/wear resistance​​

∎ Available quality

Copper, brass, phosphor bronze, tellurium copper, beryllium copper, iron, stainless steel, tungsten, rhenium tungsten, carbide,

Aluminum and other alloys

∎ Available heat treatment

- Hardening treatment during Becu

- Copper alloy annealing treatment

- Various metal diffusion treatments (H2 atmosphere)

∎ Plating method

- Construction method centered on barrel plating

- Available sizes: φ0.1mm~, L~80mm, any shape

- Plate shaped product: 2mm x 70mm, t=2mm or less

- Hook plating available

∎ Features

- Inner bottom plating of blind hole products using fine inner surface treatment technology (inner surface plating of blind hole products with an inner diameter of 100 μ (0.1 mm))

- Possible to perform partial plating using contact plating technology

- We have continuous heat treatment furnaces and vacuum heat treatment furnaces, and are capable of integrated processing from heat treatment to plating.

(Becu hardening treatment, brass and steel annealing treatment, metal diffusion treatment, etc.)

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